F.E. Olds NA47JN Intermediate Bb Tenor Saxophone

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NA47JN F.E. Olds NA47JN Intermediate Tenor Saxophone

If you are an aspiring tenor saxophonist looking to upgrade your sound, then check out the Olds NA47JN. This horn offers a rich, warm tone with accurate intonation throughout.  You’ll immediately notice the facility of movement through all registers and great response. The upgraded key design includes metal tone boosters for maximum projection and blue steel springs for super fast action.

The ribbed construction ensures solid posts and rods throughout. Also included is a professional quality 3* hard rubber mouthpiece and a stylish deluxe wood case. It’s all backed with the F.E.Olds 10 Year Warranty making the NA47JN a superb choice for an intermediate tenor saxophone!

Professionally inspected and setup at Aliens And Strangers Music. All of our instruments are Shred Ready™!

High F#
Gold Lacquer Finish
Metal Tone Boosters
Blue Steel Springs
Removable Body Ring
Ribbed Construction
Professional 3* Hard Rod Rubber Mouthpiece
Deluxe Wood Case
10 Year Warranty